Shipping Pets

Because the move is not complete until the pet arrives, let us help you clearing customs, at the airport with your pet.

When pets travel they need to have proper health certificates, FDA approved documents  and from an FDA approved vet.  There is a very small window of shipping time once you get the documents about – 10 days.

Ecuador customs allows only 20 days to bring pets with out paying any taxes, the pet travels as not acompanied cargout in the Air Way Bill, is recommended to hire the services of a Customs Agent.

We can help your pet clear customs the same day it arrives, get in touch as soon as posible with us to review documentation,  is very valuable, to prepare in advance the documentation necesary back at origination country, it can save time and money, and have everything on time for being able to clear customs in a timely maner at the different ecuadorian airports.

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